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People get tattoos for a variety of reasons – and with that also comes a variety of reasons why many tend to regret it down the line. Thanks to advancements in laser technology, there is now a booming new market that can cater to this stream of customers looking to turn back the clock on that patch of skin and start afresh. Along with dedicated Tattoo Removal clinics, tattoo removal services are now becoming a commonplace treatment in many spas, salons and beauty clinics allowing beauty and skin therapists to meet the local demand for this specialised service.

At The Global Beauty Group, we supply only the highest quality lasers to salons, spas, clinics and practices to enable results-driven treatments for your clients and excellent profit-boosting potential for your business.

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The TRI-BEAM™ Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser is among the fastest tattoo removal lasers in the world and utilises a powerful range of wavelengths to remove everything from dark ink tattoos (1060nm) to full-colour dyes (532nm – 650nm). TRI-BEAM™ treatments are suitable for effectively removing tattoos on all skin types by targeting the tattoo pigments with beams of tailored light wavelengths to shatter the ink into miniscule pieces, which are then broken down and removed by the body’s natural filtration system.

This powerful laser which is amplified by one-of-a-kind Gen Technique™ technology also functions as an advanced skin resurfacing and photorejuvenation system enabling businesses to address a number of common skin concerns with just one, value-driven and multi-functional device. Treatments with TRI-BEAM™ also ensure minimal patient discomfort and post-procedure downtime.

 One machine – multiple aesthetic services for your treatment menu

  1. Rapid tattoo removal on a wide range of inks
  2. Epidermal and dermal pigmentation and freckle removal
  3. Acne reduction and scarring skin resurfacing
  4. Reduction of enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines
  5. Advanced cell and collagen regeneration treatment
  6. Tightening, toning and lifting of ageing, lax skin


Powered by sophisticated Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser technology, the Ultralase is an affordable and efficacious medical grade laser dedicated to delivering professional tattoo removal services for your salon, spa, beauty or tattoo removal clinic. Like the TRI-BEAM™, Ultralase delivers specific wavelengths of light to the skin to target a variety of unwanted tattoo inks. The rapid emission of laser light is absorbed by the tattoo pigment, which then shatters into tiny pieces before filtering and exiting through the body naturally to reveal a significant reduction or complete removal of an unwanted tattoo with a personalised course of treatments.

The Top 3 benefits of Ultralase for your business

  1. Easy operation enables seamless switching between wavelengths during application
  2. Powerful design is geared towards delivering highly effective and permanent results
  3. Tested medical grade laser technology suitable for treatment on all skin types
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