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Skin consultations form an integral part of many services at professional salons, spas, cosmetic clinics and practices in order to determine the best course of action when treating a client’s skin concern. Accuracy in the consultation findings is key to achieving the most optimum treatment results and therefore satisfying a client’s needs and expectations (and a happy customer is a return customer).

The naked eye can only show us so much about our skin, which is why therapists and practitioners enlist the help of digital skin measuring tools and imaging to provide accurate data and analysis so the fundamental concerns can be addressed from the get go. Skin analysis technology is also great for tracking progress along a client’s skin health journey which creates a space of trust, loyalty, transparency and superior level of professional care between a therapist and client.

At The Global Beauty Group, we have searched the globe for a range of the most cutting-edge and innovative skin analysers that work to bolster the results of your skin consults and enhance the client experience.

The Dermograph™

The Dermograph™, which is the world’s first transdermal skin analyser, is bringing ultra-modern innovation to skin consultations equipping therapists with accurate data, sharper precision and greater professional confidence when it comes to determining the right treatment for your clients. The sophisticated design not only eliminates the guesswork that can come along with skin consults that only engage the naked eye, it also works to automatically upsell your treatments and maximise your retail opportunities.

Top features

  • Transdermal technology analyses 2mm beneath the skin’s surface
  • Combines dermoscopy + spectroscopy + nanotechnology analysis methods
  • Utilises safe, visible natural light for a highly authentic skin reading
  • Automatically recommends products and treatments from your own range
  • Tracks clients skin health progress to boost customer rapport
  • Enables easy upselling of your own retail range with confidence and ease
  • Improves the client treatment experience and gains trust and loyalty in your brand
  • Researched and developed by top dermal scientists and plastic surgeons
  • Highest quality and design made in the USA

Full Face Skin Analyser

The Full Face Skin Analyser is a cutting-edge digital photo imaging analyser designed to microscopically examine the skin condition of the entire facial area by using special scanning and 3D imaging technology. It allows therapists and practitioners to hone in on the true condition of client’s skin and speedily assesses a number of skin concern factors including pores, sebum, wrinkles, pigmentation, moisture and elasticity.

Top features

  • Captures a series of 3D photographs and microscopically analyses key areas of concern
  • Boasts twin measurement analysis: automatic scanner and multi-sensor function
  • Intelligently scores skin condition data based on client’s age
  • Automatically generates the best course of treatment based on the scientific findings
  • Provides excellent Before and After comparison photos to track client progress
  • Generates detailed reports for your clients for personalised customer service
  • The analysis process takes just 5 minutes (much quicker than others on the market)
  • Simple and intuitive operation is suitable for operators of all skill levels
  • The software showcases your individual treatments and products to help build your business
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