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IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a skilled, aesthetic therapy which utilises strong wavelengths of light during treatment application. These light wavelength flashes are highly sensitive to the naked eye and for this reason beauty therapists and aestheticians must wear IPL-specific safety glasses during all IPL procedures. IPL-specific means protective eyewear designed specifically for filtering out IPL light – wearing laser glasses which only work the filter out laser light and not IPL light should be avoided at all costs. Safety eyewear for IPL or laser must always be purchased for the correct device in mind and worn during operation accordingly.

OTOS IPL Shutter Glasses

Sleek, stylish and cutting-edge in design and performance, the OTOS IPL Shutter Glasses offer an unmatched quality for therapists who require maximum safety, comfort and protection when performing IPL treatments.

What sets these glasses apart from other traditional IPL eyewear options on the market is its in-built auto-darkening function which engages an LCD sensor to automatically detect the surrounding light conditions before adjusting the shade level of the glasses to provide the clearest, and safest, possible field of vision for the operator without having to raise a finger or detract from IPL procedures.

The digital features are powered by a single lithium battery and an added safety benefit of the OTOS IPL Shutter Glasses is that the glasses will actually alert you when the battery needs changing so clinicians can feel prepared and assured before conducting IPL sessions.

When investing in your safety and comfort as an IPL operator, the OTOS IPL Shutter Glasses deliver highly professional, quality-assured features and come with accessories for safeguarding your eyewear so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Top features

  • LCD function selection display for easy to use, digital operation
  • Completely automatic IPL wavelength light blockage filtering and protection
  • Display alerts you when battery needs changing
  • Integrated Real Time Impedance Feedback System for consistent energy emission
  • A single battery lasts for approximately 8 hours a day for 8 months

What you get in your OTOS IPL Glasses pack

  • 1 x OTOS IPL Shutter Glasses body
  • 1 x adjustable strap
  • 1 x user manual
  • 1 x protective product case
  • 1 x linen lens cleaning cloth
  • 2 x lower attachable light blockage pad
  • 1 x soft nose support
  • 1 x spare lithium battery


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