Transform your treatment outcomes with skin analysis

Looking to intensify your results as a beauty therapist? If so, the first area to look at is not the beauty treatments themselves, but your skin consultation process. Are you offering each client a complimentary skin consultation? And are you supporting the consultation process by using a professional skin analysis machine? Doing so can dramatically improve not only your treatment results, but your business results as well.

Helping a client to truly understand their skin is the first step to building customer trust and loyalty. Skin analysis technology acts as a strong visual and scientific support tool to back up your diagnosis and recommendations during the skin consultation process. When clients can visually see the imbalances and irregularities in their skin at microscopic range, or guage the characteristics of their skin with clearly presented and measured scientific data, they are more likely to follow through with booking a treatment than when receiving a purely verbal skin examination.

A portable skin scanner also allows beauty therapists to diagnose skin conditions with greater accuracy, as these tools are designed to see beyond what the human eye can. This paves the way for more precise treatment and product recommendations, and reduces the risk of subsurface concerns being overlooked. Many skin conditions originate at the dermal level, but these can only be identified with the help of highly detailed skin analysing devices.

When a beauty therapist can develop a comprehensive treatment plan based off the data generated with a technology-assisted skin consultation, better results can be expected.  The customer’s experience is further enhanced when the skin analysis tools are used throughout the entire treatment journey to track the changes and improvements in their skin. It is professional details such as these that really help the client to feel that they are receiving the very best care and attention for their skin.

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